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2024 Issues Slate


Community Expansion of Nutrition Assistance
CTAG will initiate legislation to extend the availability of funds through the Community Expansion of Nutrition Assistance (CENA) Program beyond the fiscal year in which funds are appropriated.  The CENA funds are used to support independent senior centers across Oklahoma by INCOG and the 10 other Area Agencies on Aging in Oklahoma.


Arkansas River Levee System Funding
CTAG, along with the Tulsa Regional Chamber One Voice Legislative Agenda and Tulsa County, supports State funding in conjunction with local partner funding to ensure timely implementation of the critically needed Arkansas River levee system improvements in Tulsa County. The Arkansas River levees A & B, constructed in 1945, are the only levees in Oklahoma built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) which are classified as at a high risk of failure. Our Congressional delegation working with local government partners has been able to secure $137 million in federal funding to finance the improvements. Cost escalation has increased the project cost to $191 million, far outstripping the funding capacity of local partners. If the levees are not repaired and a levee failure were to occur, it would be catastrophic, and the long-term economic and environmental impacts would be impossible to quantify.  In addition, the state would be responsible for paying its 12.5% share of FEMA disaster relief through the state and federal disaster partnership agreement. The levees protect thousands of residents, workers, and local businesses, as well as major industries and public facilities.

Timely Disaster Relief Reimbursement to Local Governments
CTAG supports more timely reimbursement by the State of outstanding claims for major disaster expenses. Some of our local governments are still awaiting reimbursement from the State for its share (12.5%) of expenses from major disasters that occurred in 2019.

Open Meetings Law Modernization
CTAG will support changes to modernize and allow updated virtual meeting participation options in the Open Meeting Act.


Rural Fire Defense Program

CTAG will monitor attempts to modify the Rural Fire Protection Program Fund Act as outlined in Title 19 of the Oklahoma State Statutes.  Changes to the act to transfer oversight to another agency or modify the certification requirements will adversely impact fire protection and public safety throughout Oklahoma.

CTAG will monitor and oppose bills that have an adverse impact on local governments. We expect to monitor numerous issues and update the Slate throughout Session. The following topics are especially of note: medical/recreational marijuana, firearms legislation and public safety, taxation, and legislation relating to changes with tax increment financing.


CTAG will oppose legislation that enacts mandates for local governments without a corresponding revenue source, increases fees on local governments or preempts local government decisions and policy making.