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Tulsa Regional Trails Branding

The trails system is used in many ways by many people, but at its core, connectivity across the Tulsa Region is what makes the trail a huge asset to the Region. The 918 Trails System includes both on- and off-street facilities. Existing off-street bicycle facilities consist of paved multi-use trails, traveling through multiple municipalities. On-street bike lanes and routes follow the rectilinear street grid, while the off-street network largely follows miles of waterways, roadways and historic railroad lines.

The 918 Trail Brand and Wayfinding Signage Guidelines contains the results of the important process of gathering stakeholder and community input. The information within these guidelines will assist both current users of the trail network to find route options and discover new destinations, as well as entice non-system users to utilize the 918 Trails System. The wayfinding guidelines are aimed at both locals and visitors and are crafted to be easily understood and readily learned, while being legible and comprehendible to a wide range of users.

The 918 Trail Brand and Wayfinding Signage Guidelines document provides guidance for system brand applications, wayfinding element design, sign messaging, sign placement, and next steps. It should be used when signing new trails for the first time, as well as when replacing or retrofitting signs along existing trails. Agencies should follow these guidelines and continue to coordinate with Tulsa

Click Here to for the 918 Trail Brand and Wayfinding Signage Guidelines.

Open source branding logos available for download.


Click here to download the
primary logo files

Includes: .jpeg, .eps, .ai, and .pdf files


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secondary logo files

Includes: .jpeg, .eps, .ai, and .pdf files


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mountain bike logo files

Includes: .jpeg, .eps, .ai, and .pdf files

If you have questions regarding the logos, please contact Jane Ziegler at jziegler@incog.org or at 918-579-9427