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Metropolitan Tulsa Area Corporate Limits Map

Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC) & City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment Pending Cases Map

Comprehensive Plan Related
Land Use Plan Map (City of Tulsa)
Growth and Stability  (City of Tulsa)                     
Major Street and Highway Plan                
Subdivision Map
Zoning Map
Small Area Plans (City of Tulsa)

2010 Census Geography & Data
Zip Code Tabulation for Oklahoma

Political Geography
OK Congressional District 1
Oklahoma State House Districts

Oklahoma State Senate Districts
City of Tulsa Council Districts
Tulsa County Precinct Map
Area School Districts Map
Tulsa County Judicial District 14: Electoral Divisions
INCOG Region County Commissioner Districts

INCOG Area Traffic Count Map
Existing Trails in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area
Traffic Collisions Map 2013
Traffic Collision Map 2012
GO Plan: Proposed Bike Facilities
GO Plan: Sidewalk Gap Map
Urbanized Area Surface Transportation Projects 2011-18
Turkey Mountain Trail Map
Roadway Functional Classification
Tulsa TMA Geographies
xxx (urbanized area/adjusted urbanized area)

Critical Bridges (Federal) Maps

Tulsa County Floodplain Map
Oklahoma Tornadoes 1950-2017