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Certifying Population to the
Oklahoma Tax Commission

The 9-1-1 Funding and Reform Act requires each PSAP to certify its population to the Oklahoma Tax Commission in order to receive wireless fees beginning January 1, 2017. A Map of your PSAP is available by emailing dhuckabee@incog.org. The instructions, a form letter and the proposed population for your PSAP appear below.

Landline 9-1-1

Most jurisdictions assess their own landline fee. Click here for the list showing the rate and the remission address. Those fees are remitted directly to the jurisdiction assessing the fee.

Notice All VOIP and Wireless Service Providers:
As of January 1, 2017, the rules governing the payment of 9-1-1 fees have changed.

Wireless and VOIP fee are 75 cents per user per month.  The Oklahoma Tax Commission collects and remits the 9-1-1 fees.  You should refer to 63 O.S. 2861 and following for specifics, or contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission Taxpayer Assistance line at 800-522-8165, www.tax.ok.gov

If you have questions please contact:
Darita DeLoach Huckabee
2 W. 2nd Suite 800
Tulsa, OK  74103

Several members of the E 9-1-1 Board also participate in the Statewide 9-1-1 Advisory Board: www.ok.gov/911. The Board is charged with advising the Governor and Legislature concerning 9-1-1 issues.