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River Parks West Bank Trail

Trail Length: 8 miles


Trailheads and Parking Areas

  • River West Festival Park – 2100 S. Jackson
  • River Skate Park - 464 W. 23rd Street
  • PSO West Bank Sports Complex – 3601 S. Elwood Avenue
  • 45th and Elwood Avenue
  • Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area – 6850 S. Elwood Avenue and 6492 S. Elwood Avenue


Water Fountains/Restrooms:

  • Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area
  • River Skate Park
  • River West Festival Park
  • I-44 (fountain only)
  • 45th and Elwood Avenue (fountain only)
  • River Parks and City of Tulsa Facility (fountain only)

Connections to other trails


Trail Maps (click link for a .pdf version)

River Parks West Bank (north) Trail Map

River Parks West Bank (south) Trail Map


Maintenance Contact
River Parks Authority
Phone: 918.596.2001
Email: staff@riverparks.org