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9-1-1 Services

The Regional 9-1-1 Board is a voluntary association of 13 individual Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), more commonly known as 9-1-1 Public Safety Communications Centers, independently operated, most typically within the Police or Sheriff's Department.

Member jurisdictions have appointed a board member as one of the managing members to the Regional 9-1-1 Boards of Directors. Those jurisdictions are: Tulsa County/ Tulsa County Sheriff'’s Department, Osage County/ Osage County Sheriff'’s Department, Rogers County/ Northeast Oklahoma 911 Trust Authority, City of Bixby, City of Broken Arrow, City of Collinsville, City of Glenpool, City of Jenks, City of Owasso, City of Stand Springs, City of Sapulpa, City of Skiatook, and City of Tulsa.

Verifying 9-1-1 Fees

Landline 9-1-1 Fees are paid by the telecommunication company directly to the city or county assessing the fee.
Click here for a list showing the rates and the remission address.

Wireless, VoIP and prepaid fees are paid directly to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The Taxpayer Assistance line at 800 522 8165 can assist telecommunication companies in complying with the current law. https://www.ok.gov/tax/.

Which Jurisdiction Answers My Calls?

Call taking boundaries may not follow jurisdictional boundaries because of interlocal agreements, telephone exchanges, or emergency responder territories.

If you have a question which jurisdiction answers your 9-1-1 call, contact 918-579-9428 or bgibson@incog.org.

Click here for the complete map.

Need a 9-1-1 Address?

All new addresses have to comply with 9-1-1 formatting and must be pre-entered into a database in order to get the emergency responder to the right place when you dial 9-1-1. If you need a 9-1-1 address assigned, contact your local jurisdiction.

If you live in unincorporated Tulsa County and need a 9-1-1 address assigned, you can call Andrew Sears or Barbara Gibson at 918-584-7526 or email INCOGmaps@incog.org.

For more information, contact:
Darryl Maggard
Regional 9-1-1 Coordinator