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To meet the diverse needs of the growing numbers of older persons in the United States President Lyndon Johnson on July 14, 1965, signed into law the Older Americans Act (OAA). The OAA set out specific objectives for maintaining the dignity and welfare of older individuals and created the primary vehicle for organizing, coordinating and providing community-based services and opportunities for older Americans and their families. The underlying purpose is to enhance the ability of older individuals to maintain as much independence as possible and to remain in their own homes and communities.

Information & Assistance
918-579-9477 (Creek, Osage, and Tulsa Counties)
1-800-211-2116 (statewide)

Senior Information & Assistance (I&A) is a free service that is the main access point for a wide range of public and private resources that are available to persons aged 60 and over, adults with disabilities, and their families. Information and assistance can be provided on the phone, in person, by email, or regular mail. In addition to a computer database Senior I&A maintains a library of resources that can be mailed out to clients and caregivers upon their request.

All communication is handled in a confidential manner. Functions of Information & Assistance include:
• information giving
• service referrals
• advocacy
• assistance
• caregiver services
• program outreach

Examples of these resources include:
• Caregiving resources
• Support groups
• Home and health care options
• Medical and dental referrals
• Nutrition programs
• Housing options
• Senior centers and activities
• Transportation
• Adult/Child Protective Services
• Other services depending on need and request

NOTE: The service of Senior Information and Assistance is available at no cost to the public., however, many of the community resources we link people with do have specific age, income, asset or other eligibility criteria. Most are available at no cost; others have set fees or charge according to a person’s ability to pay. Contact the Senior Info Line at
918-579-9477 for more information on program eligibility and/or cost.

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Senior Nutrition
At many senior–friendly locations in Creek, Osage, and Tulsa counties, delicious, nutritionally balanced lunches are served daily. At most sites, recreation, nutrition education, and a multitude of additional activities are available. Also, home-bound seniors are eligible for home delivered meals. All seniors over the age of 60, regardless of income, qualify for these free meals. Donations are accepted to help fund the program so that more seniors can be served with quality meals.

Senior nutrition sites serve lunch Monday-Friday beginning at 11:30 am.

Older Americans Act (Title III) Nutrition Sites


Mannford Senior Center

169 Greenwood Avenue
Mannford, OK 74044

Oilton Senior Center
301 South A St.
Oilton, OK 74052

Woodland Village
131 E. Ninth
Bristow, OK 74010


Cedar Ridge Nutrition

200 Atlantic Field Rd.
Pawhuska, OK 74056

Fairfax Nutrition
401 8th Street
Fairfax, OK 74637

Hominy Nutrition
215 N. Price Avenue
P.O. Box 154
Hominy, OK 74035

Shidler Nutrition
125 Cosden
Box 321
Shidler, OK 74652

Skiatook Nutrition
810 S. Osage
Skiatook, OK 74070


Autumn Park

8401 E 134th St. So
Bixby, OK 74008

Broken Arrow Senior Center
1800 S Main,
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Country Oaks
5648 S 33rd W. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74107

Hutcherson YMCA
1120 E Pine
Tulsa, OK 74106

Park Village
650 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74112

Prairie Village
12877 E 116th St N
Collinsville, OK 74021

Sand Springs Senior Center
1050 W. Wekiwa Road
Sand Springs, OK 74063

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Senior Center Supplemental Funding
The Community Expansion of Nutrition Assistance (CENA) program is a state funded program designed to assist the Senior Centers in the INCOG Area Agency on Aging (IAAA) region to provide life enriching services to older persons.

INCOG releases a Request for Proposal (RFP) application in the summer of each year so that senior centers can apply for grant funding to operate and/or enhance their programs. To be eligible for the CENA grant program senior centers must have by-laws in place, a governing board, hold regular board meetings.

CENA funds can be used for a variety of projects including construction, renovation, and equipment.

Independent Senior Centers

Kellyville Senior Center
410 E. Buffalo
Kellyville, OK 74039

Mounds Senior Center
1311 Commercial
Mounds, OK 74047

Hulah Lake Senior Center
1924 County Rd 3575
Pawhuska, OK 74056

Barnsdall Senior
412 West Main
Barnsdall, OK 74002

Prue Senior Center
202 Wah Gra See Way
Prue, OK 74060

McCord Senior Center
115 Mary Road
Ponca City, OK 74604

Glenpool Senior Center
13739 S. Hickory Place
Glenpool, OK 74033

Jenks Senior Center
211 N. Elm
Jenks, OK 74037

LIFE'S Senior Center at Southminster
5950 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135

LIFE'S Senior Center at Eastside
1427 S. Indianapolis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74112

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Legal Assistance
Senior Legal Assistance assists older persons in advocating for their rights, benefits and entitlements. Services in non-criminal matters are provided by attorneys, paralegals, mediators and range from advice and drafting of simple legal documents to representation in complex litigation. Services include disseminating information about legal issues to older persons, service groups and bar associations through lectures, group discussions, and the media.

In order to receive services, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are considered low-income or are over 60 years of age.
  • You have a civil (non-criminal) legal problem and need information, advice, or representation.
  • You do not already have a lawyer or legal service assisting you.

The free Legal Services may be available in the following areas:

  • Public Housing
  • Possible Discrimination
  • Consumer / Debt
  • Public Utilities
  • Benefits programs such as SSI, Medicare, etc.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Other Resources

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Homemaker Services
Assisting seniors to remain independent in their own homes is part of the mission of the Area Agency on Aging. Light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and shopping are the offered services available through this program. An in-home assessment is required for those who wish to apply for this service. Due to limited availability, priority is given to those who are frail, elderly (age 75+), isolated and with greatest economic and social needs.

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Caregiver Support
Almost everyone has given care, received care, or will require care at some time in their life. The emotional, financial, and physical burden on the caregiver is often substantial. Through the National Family Caregiver Support program, assistance in the form of information services, or respite is available to caregivers. Caregiver Information Services is designed to provide groups of current caregivers with information about available caregiver services, support, and resources.

Respite provides the caregiver a break from their responsibilities by arranging for a service provider to care for their loved ones for a short period of time.

There are currently four respite options:
Companion Aide – offers companionship and supervision, can provide help with some light household tasks when approved, but they cannot provide any “hands on care” for your loved one.
Personal Care – Can provide personal “hands on” care during the respite visit
Adult Day Services – Vouchers are provided to help pay for Adult Day Services
Respite Vouchers –- Vouchers are provided to pay for care providers while the caregiver takes a break

Respite for grandparents raising grandchildren –respite vouchers for grandparents, age 55 and older, with responsibility of raising their minor grandchildren. The voucher program can be used to help pay for childcare services, babysitters, or summer camp.

All respite options require an in-home assessment, conducted by an Outreach Worker, to determine the needs of the caregiver and the care recipient.

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Transportation is available to people 60 years of age and over who are unable to use existing transportation services or limited options are available for individuals without means of transportation.

Transportation is available on a limited basis for medical appointments, grocery shopping, and congregate senior dining depending on the area in which you live.

Creek County Provider:
*Cimarron Public Transit 1-800-789-7314

Osage County Provider:
*Skiatook 918-396-4466

Tulsa County Provider:
*Morton Transportation 918-295-6160
*Tulsa & Creek Counties Senior Nutrition 918-835-4160

*Paratransit vehicles available

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Nutrition Counseling & Education
Because nutrition and physical activity in older adults can be critical in the prevention of and progression of chronic disease, a Registered Dietician and Nutrition Consultant is under contract with INCOG AAA to provide nutrition educationfor the senior nutrition program, and to monitor and review the senior nutrition program menus and food preparation.

Nutrition Counseling is a free service offered to any older adult, 60 or older, in Creek, Osage, and Tulsa Counties. Counseling services may be provided in the home, at a senior nutrition site or over the phone. A Registered Dietician will visit with you, and/or your caregiver, regarding about any nutritional questions or concerns you may have. Topics often requested consist of diabetes, eating heart healthy, cooking for one, shopping on a tight budget, weight loss and weight gain.

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention

Tai Chi is a slow moving meditative exercise that began in ancient China, around 500 years ago. It combines stress reduction with movement to improve health. Dr. Paul Lam, from Sydney, Australia is a family practice doctor who developed Tai Chi for Arthritis for people with arthritis and older adults with balance problems. Dr. Lam developed the Tai Chi forms with input from rheumatologists and physical therapists.

It takes both time and effort to learn the various movements contained in this 24-session program. Each session is about 60 minutes long. Most students should expect to experience a learning curve in becoming skilled and eventually mastering the exercise.

DEEP: Diabetes Empowerment Education Program
This workshop will teach you practical skills on managing your diabetes. It will give you the confidence and motivation you need to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition. Participants in DEEP learn how to effectively set goals and conquer barriers to reaching their goals. The DEEP workshop is presented in six weekly classes – 2 hours per class.

Bingocize® combines exercise and health information with the familiar game of bingo, which is a great, fun way to get moving and socializing. It is for all levels of physical and cognitive ability.

A Matter of Balance
This program designed to help you overcome the fear of falling and increase activity.

For more information on these workshops, contact:
Ability Resources

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Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma Grants
The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma annually awards funding to Oklahoma’s eleven Area Agencies on Aging. The INCOG Area Agency on Aging (IAAA) utilizes its share of funding for projects that are not currently funded under the Older Americans Act. This program helps to diminish health and safety threats and assist older adults to remain in their own homes and communities.

The IAAA services that are paid for through the Masonic Assistance Program include: minor home repair, wheelchair ramps, dentures, durable medical equipment, and vision exams and glasses. IAAA partners with various community organizations to provide these services. Some programs do have wait times based on their high demand.

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Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
This seasonal, invitation-only program provides a one-time $50 gift card for income qualifying seniors aged 60 and over, to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at approved farmers’ markets. Once a participant has completed the application through INCOG, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services will mail the gift card. Contact IAAA at 918.579.9477 to be placed on an interested list.

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Medicare and Prescription Drug Assistance
Extra Help
Extra Help helps you pay for your Medicare Part D (prescription drug) costs. If you get Extra Help, you will have either no or a reduced premium for your drug plan, and will pay between $3.70 and $9.20 for your medicine at the pharmacy. Extra Help is sometimes called LIS, which stands for the Part D Low-Income Subsidy. To get Extra Help in Oklahoma, you must meet the following guidelines*:

Individual Annual Income
$19,320 or less
Individual Resources
$14,790 or less
Married Couple Annual Income
$26,130 or less
Married Couple Resources
$29,520 or less

Medicare Savings Programs Medicare Savings Programs
Medicare Savings Programs help you to pay for some of your Medicare costs related to health care (but not prescriptions). These programs go by several different names:

  • The Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program, sometimes called QMB (KWIM-bee). QMB helps pay for your Parts A and B annual deductible, Part B premium, and other copayments you may have at the doctor/hospital.
  • The Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary program, or SLMB (SLIM-bee). SLMB pays for your monthly Part B premium.
  • The Qualified Individual program, or QI. QI pays for your monthly Part B premium.
  • The Qualified Disabled and Working Individual program, or QDWI. This program is for people with
    Medicare who are under age 65, disabled, and do not qualify for free Medicare Part A because they returned to work. QDWI pays for Medicare Part A premiums.

    What counts as income and resources? Income includes earnings, Social Security payments, pension payments, and cash assistance. Income does not include food, housing, or home energy assistance. Resources are things like money in a checking or savings account, retirement account, stocks, bonds, or real estate other than your primary residence. Resources do not include things like your house, car, furniture, clothing, and household items.

    You may be able to get help if you meet the following guidelines:
Individual Annual Income
Individual Resources
Married Couple Annual Income
Married Couple Resources

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