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Arkansas River Corridor Development Plan

The effort to plan for appropriate development of the 42-mile Arkansas River corridor in Tulsa County is underway. The plan was structured in three initial phases and has now moved from planning to the design and permitting phase. In October 2010, Tulsa County signed a cost-sharing agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the project. Tulsa County is the lead entity on this development project.

The Phase I and Phase II studies of the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan, initiated by INCOG, were developed with extensive citizen and stakeholder input and have been adopted by the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC), the Tulsa City Council, and the Tulsa County Board of County Commissioners as an element of the area's Comprehensive Plan. 

The Phase I River Vision Plan captures the public’s desire for water in the river through additional low-water dams, preservation of the natural beauty of the corridor with trails, parks and open space, and river-oriented development at strategic locations.   The Phase II study provided a detailed evaluation of the proposed plan elements including prospective low-water dams. 

The Phase III study includes an ecosystem restoration study in conjunction with planned low-water dams, an environmental baseline, and recommendations for the design and operation of the system of low-water dams.