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River Parks East Bank Trail

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Mingo Trail | Newblock Park Trail | Osage Trail | River City Trail (Sand Springs)

River Parks East Bank Trail
| River Parks West Bank Trail | River Walk Trail (Bixby)


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Quick Facts

Trail Length: 10.4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Parking Areas/Trailheads

  • 13th & Riverside Dr.

  • 17th & Riverside Dr.

  • 21st & Riverside Dr.*

  • 31st & Riverside Dr. (East side of road)

  • 41st & Riverside Dr.*

  • 56th & Riverside Dr.

  • 63rd & Riverside Dr. (small parking lot ~5 spaces)

  • 68th & Riverside Dr.

  • 75th & Riverside Dr. (Helmerich Park)

  • 96th & Riverside Dr.*

*FREE Bicycles available at this location for rent (click here for more info)

Restrooms & Water Fountains:

  • 21st St

  • 31st St

  • 41st St

  • 56th St

  • 73rd St

  • 96th St

Difficult Street Crossings

  • Use caution when crossing in front of the Creek Nation Casino at 81st Street.  These intersections have high traffic volume and there are no signals for pedestrians.  Plans are in the works to move the trail to behind the casino so that pedestrians may cross without incident.

Connections to other trails


Trail Map (pdf) - North Segment

River Park East North Trail

Trail Map (pdf) - South Segment

River Trail South Segment

Riverparks East is one of the most utilized park areas in Tulsa.  Beautiful views of the Arkansas River and shady sidewalks make this an excellent place to bike, run, walk, or have a picnic. 

Along the trail are several restroom areas and drinking fountains.  There are outdoor grills and picnic tables scattered throughout the Riverparks East trail. 

One interesting feature of the trail is the off-road trails near 56th & Riverside.  This is an excellent place to try out a new mountain bike or BMX bike.

Maintenance Contact

River Parks Authority

Phone: 918.596.2001