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Arkansas River Development

Phase I: Vision Plan
Phase II: Master Plan
Phase III: Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Data Collection and Evaluation
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Arkansas River Corridor Development Plan:
Phase III
Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Data Collection and Evaluation

The construction of Keystone Dam was complete in 1964. The dam has successfully reduced the negative impacts of flooding along the Arkansas River in Tulsa County. However, changes have occurred to the natural flow regime of the river. These changes, in combination with land use changes in the watershed, have altered the river corridor ecosystem.

Phase III of the Arkansas River Development Plan is designed to look at the environmental impact on the river and evaluate options in protecting the natural beauty of the area.

Ecosystem Restoration Plan in Conjunction with Proposed Low Water Dams
Problems and Opportunities
Habitat Inventory and Improvement
Proposed Plans – Sand Springs
Restoration Recommendations – Sand Springs
Proposed Plans – South Tulsa/Jenks
Restoration Recommendations - South Tulsa/Jenks

Fauna & Flora Inventory

Fish Community Structure and Composition Assessment

Aquatic Macro Invertebrate Structure

Water Quality Assessment

Cultural Resource Evaluation