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Arkansas River Development

Phase I: Vision Plan
Phase II: Master Plan
Phase III: Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Data Collection and Evaluation
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Arkansas River Corridor Development Plan:
Phase II
Master Plan

The Master Plan Volume 1 may be viewed for your convenience in the following three PDF files. Once you have opened the PDF, we recommend using the Bookmarks tab on the left side of the page for navigation. Sections 1-8.0 and 8.1-8.11 are large files and may take some time to download.

Sections 1 - 8.0
Description of Study Area
Study Methodology
Study Area Conditions
Habitat Assessment/Ecosystem Restoration
Technical Evaluation of Low Water Dams
Opportunities and Constraints

Sections 8.1 - 8.11
Sand Springs Low Water Dam
Creek Turnpike Low Water Dam
Sand Springs Riverfront Conceptual Plan
Zink Lake Riverfront
Crow Creek Corridor
71st Street Riverfront
Jenks/South Tulsa Riverfront
Bixby Riverfront
Broken Arrow Riverfront
Ecosystem Restoration Plan
Floodplain Management Conceptual Plan

Sections 9.0 - 13.0
Public Involvement
Funding Mechanisms and Budget Projections
Conclusions and Recommendations

Volume 2 Appendices:
Appendix A (PDF, 3.9 MB)
Appendix B (PDF, 7.2 MB)
Appendix C (PDF, 1.0 MB)
Appendix D (PDF, 0.5 MB)
Appendix E (PDF, 8.0 MB)
Appendix F (PDF, 7.3 MB)
Appendix F-Map (PDF, 3.5 MB)
Appendix G (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Appendix H (PDF, 0.6 MB)
Appendix I (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Appendix J (PDF, 0.4 MB)
Appendix K (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Appendix L (PDF, 4.5 MB)

This PDF summarizes the presentation given during the July 2005 public meetings.
Arkansas River Corridor Powerpoint Phase II (5.88 MB PDF)