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US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) Funding

EDA assists rural and urban areas experiencing high unemployment, low income, or other severe economic distress, such as sudden and severe economic dislocations including: recovery from the economic impacts of natural disasters, the closing of military installations and other Federal facilities, changes in trade patterns, and the depletion of natural resources. The most common use of EDA dollars is within the following programs:

Public Works: EDA investments fund locally-developed public works infrastructure projects to allow communities to establish and support private sector businesses.

Local Technical Assistance: EDA’s local technical assistance grants help to fill the knowledge gaps that inhibit communities from responding to development opportunities or solving specific economic problems. A common purpose of these grants is to determine the feasibility of proposed economic development investments.

Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) Program: Eligible entities can apply for two separate competitions under this program —the i6 Challenge and the Seed Fund Support (SFS) Grant Competition. In accordance with Congressional Fiscal Year Budgets, over $10 million is typically available under the i6 Challenge to support the creation of centers for innovation and entrepreneurship that increase the rate at which innovations, ideas, intellectual property, and research are translated into products, services, viable companies, and jobs. Approximately $5 million is typically available under the SFS Grant Competition to support the creation, launch, or expansion of equity-based, cluster-focused seed funds that invest regionally-managed risk capital in regionally-based startups with a potential for high growth.

University Center Grants: The purpose of EDA’s University Center Economic Development Program (also referred to as the University Center program) is a competitive multi-year program, administered on a rotating basis, that is designed to enable institutions of higher education and consortia of institutions of higher education to establish and operate University Centers specifically focused on using university assets to build regional economic ecosystems that support innovation and high-growth entrepreneurship. University Centers collaborate with other EDA partners by providing expertise and technical assistance to develop, implement, and support regional strategies that result in job creation, high-skilled regional talent pools, and business expansion in a region’s innovation clusters. Expertise and technical assistance may address, for example, workforce training programs, applied research centers, technology commercialization, feasibility studies, market research, economic impact analyses training, and other technical assistance to help communities foster vibrant economic ecosystems.

For more information, contact:
Brian Bigbie, Economic Development Planner