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What is a Residential Care Facility?   

Nursing Home Care Act
Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statues 
Section 1-1901 Et Seq
With 2001 Amendment
3-1-1902. Definitions.

"Residential care home" means any home, establishment, or institution licenses pursuant to the provisions of the Residential Care Act other than a hotel, motel, fraternity or sorority house, or college or university dormitory, which offers or provides residential accommodations, food service, and supportive assistance to any of its residents or houses any resident requiring supportive assistance. 

The residents shall be persons who are ambulatory and essentially capable of managing their own affairs, but who do not routinely require nursing care; provided, the term "residential care home" shall not mean a hotel, motel. Fraternity or sorority house, or college or university dormitory, if the facility operates in a manner customary to its description and does not house any person who requires supportive assistance from the facility in order to meet an adequate level of daily living;

A residential care home may provide assistance with meals, dressing, bathing, and other personal needs, and it may assist in the administration of medications.  However, it cannot provide medical care.  Residents need to be ambulatory. Some residential care homes are located in large facilities while others are in small homes. Medicaid does not pay for a people to live in residential care facilities.

For more information,check the following Wb sites: Nursing Home Compare and State Health Department Survey Information at www.medicare.gov, National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform at www.nccnhr.org, AARP Nursing Home Resource at www.aarp.org, and Oklahoma Nursing Home Inspection Database and Nursing Facility Changes at:www.health.state.ok