As we age, common chronic health conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis can have devastating effects on our independence and quality of life. Fortunately, many chronic conditions are manageable -- even preventable -- when we have access to programs that teach us how to make health-conscious decisions, set goals, and overcome barriers to healthy living.

Living Longer Living Stronger
is an evidence-based wellness programs that has proven effective in helping seniors and their caregivers better manage their chronic conditions. 

On an individual level, these programs provide opportunities for adults and caregivers to share their experiences and learn day-to-day strategies for improving personal health, managing chronic illness, saving money on health care costs, and improving relationships with health care providers. On a larger scale, these programs help the fastest-growing segment of the population maintain their independence in the community, reducing the high-cost of long-term care services and supports and hospital admissions -- a bill that`s most often picked up by taxpayers.

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Tai Chi – Moving for Better Balance
Each year in the U.S. more than one-third of adults 65 and older experience a fall. For those who fall, up to 30% suffer moderate to severe injuries from bruises to hip fractures or head traumas. Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among the elderly population. Among various steps older adults can take to prevent falls are exercise and practicing the art of Tai Chi. Research has shown that Tai Chi, a very low-impact balance and mental agility exercise, is one of the single most effective activities to help older adults protect their independence and at the same time reduce their risk of falling.