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The percentage of older individuals in the population has increased with each decade, and the proportion of persons 75 years and older has grown even faster. As a result, chronic diseases and falls have increased and are now the leading causes of death and disability among older Americans.

Fortunately, both chronic diseases and falls are highly preventable. The health seminars provided through INCOG and its partners are Evidence Based, meaning they have been thoroughly studied, tested, and are proven to be more effective than standard care. The information provided through the seminars increase older adults’ quality of life—improving health behaviors, health and functional status, and overall well-being.

Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention
Tai Chi is a slow moving meditative exercise that began in ancient China, around 500 years ago. It combines stress reduction with movement to improve health. Dr. Paul Lam, from Sydney, Australia is a family practice doctor who developed Tai Chi for Arthritis for people with arthritis and older adults with balance problems. Dr. Lam developed the Tai Chi forms with input from rheumatologists and physical therapists.

What are the Benefits of Tai Chi?
• Improves balance and decreases the risk for falls, especially in older adults
• Decreases stress
• Helps reduce high blood pressure
• Improves physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility
• Eases pain and stiffness
• Improves sleep
• Increases sense of well-being and overall wellness

Students should know that it takes both time and effort to learn the various movements contained in this 24-session program. Each session is about 60 minutes long. Most students should expect to experience a learning curve in becoming skilled and eventually mastering the exercise.

DEEP: Diabetes Empowerment Education Program
This FREE workshop will teach you practical skills on managing your diabetes. It will give you the confidence and motivation you need to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition. Participants in DEEP learn how to effectively set goals and conquer barriers to reaching their goals. Participants in DEEP have FUN while they learn!

Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) is a licensed diabetes self-management education (DSME) curriculum developed by the University of Illinois, Chicago.

What is a DEEP workshop?
• Six weekly classes – 2 hours per class
• No cost to attend
• Classes are interactive and involve group activities, demonstrations, and role playing

Come learn how to:
• increase your knowledge of diabetes and its risk factors
• reduce diabetes complications and risk factors, including obesity, hypertension, and tobacco use
• better manage other chronic diseases by improving blood glucose control
• increase self-monitoring skills
• eat healthier
• make and follow a reasonable exercise plan
• manage stress
• use medications appropriately
• prevent foot problems

Overview of DEEP Class Topics:
• Understanding the Human Body
• Understanding the Risk Factors for Diabetes
• Monitoring Your Body
• Get Up and Move! Physical Activity and Diabetes
• Controlling Diabetes Through Nutrition
• Diabetes Complications: Identification and Prevention
• Learning About Medications and Medical Care
• Living with Chronic Disease: Mobilizing Family and Friends