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Almost everyone has given care, received care, or will require care at some time in their life. The emotional, financial, and physical burden on the caregiver is often substantial. Through the National Family Caregiver Support program, assistance in the form of information services, or respite is available to caregivers. Caregiver Information Services is designed to provide groups of current caregivers with information about available caregiver services, support, and resources.

Respite provides the caregiver a break from their responsibilities by arranging for a service provider to care for their loved ones for a short period of time.
There are currently four respite options:
Companion Aide – offers companionship and supervision, can provide help with some light household tasks when approved, but they cannot provide any “hands on care” for your loved one.
Personal Care – Can provide personal “hands on” care during the respite visit
Adult Day Services – Vouchers are provided to help pay for Adult Day Services
Respite Vouchers –- Vouchers are provided to pay for care providers while the caregiver takes a break

Respite for grandparents raising grandchildren –respite vouchers for grandparents, age 55 and older, with responsibility of raising their minor grandchildren. The voucher program can be used to help pay for childcare services, babysitters, or summer camp.

All respite options require an in-home assessment, conducted by an Outreach Worker, to determine the needs of the caregiver and the care recipient.