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The City of Tulsa Election District Commission is appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council. The U.S. Census data is available and has been compiled into an easy to understand table. (click here to review the data) The Election District Commission uses the U.S. Census data to adjust the city council boundaries based on legal requirements and adopted criteria. The current districts are shown below:

If you have comments or suggestions on how to adjust the city council boundaries, contact the committee at

Commission Members

Susan Neal
Joe Williams
Rick D. Westcott
John M. Eagleton

Sharon King Davis

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City of Tulsa Election District Commission meetings are held at 10:00 am at One Technology Center, 10 North

July 9 Agenda Approved Minutes
July 30 Agenda Approved Minutes
August 20 Agenda  
September 17 CANCELLED  
October 1    
October 22    
November 5    
December 10    

Public meetings will be held in geographic quadrants of the city October 11-14, 2021, at regional libraries. There will also be a public hearing on the proposed Election Dirstrict Plan in November at a location TBD.

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Tulsa City Charter – Article VI Redistricting Provisions

Section 6.3. - Precinct boundaries.
The Council by ordinance may make minor adjustments in the boundaries of an election district to conform the election district boundaries to changes in precinct boundary lines made pursuant to the laws of Oklahoma.

Section 10.1. - Election district commission.
There is hereby created an Election District Commission which shall consist of five (5) members, to be appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the entire membership of the Council. Of the five (5) said members, two (2) shall be affiliated with the political party having the largest number of registered voters within the city as of the date of the preceding general election, two (2) shall be affiliated with the political party having the second largest number of such voters, and one (1) shall be an independent voter. Said members shall not have changed their political party affiliation within the last year. All members shall be registered voters and residents of the City of Tulsa. No two (2) of the members shall be residents of the same Council district at the time of their appointment. The appointments shall be made and the Election District Commission shall be organized no later than the1st day of July, 2021, and no later than the 1st day of July of each tenth year thereafter. In the event the members of the Election District Commission are not appointed within the times herein provided, such appointments shall be made by the Presiding Judge of the District Court of Tulsa County. No City of Tulsa employee, contractor or elected official shall be appointed to serve on the Election District Commission. If a vacancy shall occur in the Election District Commission, a qualified successor shall be appointed within twenty (20) days after the date the vacancy occurs as provided for original appointments.

Section 10.2. - Adjustment of election district boundaries.
The Election District Commission shall adjust the boundaries of Election Districts each ten (10) years after the completion of the Federal Decennial Census. The Election District Commission shall determine the population of the city and each existing election district according to the preceding Federal Decennial Census and shall prepare a proposed Election District Plan. Each Election District Commission shall consider natural and neighborhood boundaries, shall disregard partisan considerations, and shall avoid diluting minority votes. Each district shall consist of contiguous, compact territory and be as nearly equal in population as possible. The district boundary lines shall conform with precinct boundary lines. The election District Plan shall establish the population and boundaries of each election district. The proposed Election District Plan shall include a map and description of the districts. The election District Commission shall hold at least one (1) public hearing on the proposed Election District Plan. Notice of the hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearing. All meetings of the Election District commission shall be open meetings as regulated by the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, Title 25, Oklahoma Statutes, Section 301 and following.

Section 10.3. - Adoption of election district plan.
Within six (6) months after the appointment of its members, the Election District Commission shall adopt and file with the City Clerk an Election District Plan which shall supersede Schedule I attached to this amended Charter and subsequently adopted Election District Plans. All members of the Council shall thereafter be elected in accord with the Election District Plan.

Section 10.4. - Duties ministerial.
The duties of the Election District Commission shall be ministerial and the performance thereof may be compelled by appropriate action. The terms of the office of the members of the Election District Commission shall expire when each Election District Plan becomes final.

Section 10.5. - Judicial review.
Any qualified elector of the city may seek a review of an adopted Election District Plan by filing a petition for review in the District Court of Tulsa County within thirty (30) days after the filing of the Election District Plan with the City Clerk. If a petition for review is not filed within such time, the Election District Plan shall become final. The District Court shall determine whether the Election District Plan complies with the provisions of this amended Charter. In the event the District Court shall determine that the Election District Plan does not comply, the District Court shall modify the Election District Plan to comply with the provisions of this amended Charter. Appeals from the final decision of the District Court may be taken as provided by law.

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Criteria for the Establishment of City Council District Boundaries
  • Legally Mandated Requirements
    • Each district shall consist of:
      • contiguous area - (City Charter and state statute)
      • compact territory - (City Charter and state statute)
    • Be as nearly equal (or substantially equal) in population as possible - (City Charter and state statute)
    • Conform with precinct boundary lines - (City Charter)
    • Consider natural and neighborhood boundaries – (City Charter)
    • Avoid diluting minority votes and meet Voting Rights Act requirements - (City charter and federal law)
    • Disregard partisan considerations (City Charter)
  • Other Considerations
    • District boundary lines based on major physical features such as rivers, expressways, or arterial streets to the extent possible.  
    • Minimize the displacement or re-assignment of population and precincts between council districts.
    • Maintain city councilors in their respective districts.

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