Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

2 West Second Street
Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74103






For all comments to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC), City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment,
or Tulsa Bounty Board of Adjustment, please contact esubmit@incog.org

Rich Brierre Executive Director 918-584-7526 rbrierre@incog.org
Ann Domin Deputy Director 918-579-9480 adomin@incog.org
Brad Gemeinhart Communications Coordinator 918-579-9439 bgemeinhart@incog.org
LaDonna Brewer Executive Assistant 918-579-9426 lbrewer@incog.org
Tulsa Planning Office
Susan Miller Director 918-579-9470 smiller@incog.org
Kim Sawyer Administrative Assistant/TMAPC Secretary 918-579-9413 ksawyer@incog.org
Dwayne Wilkerson Principal Planner 918-579-9475 dwilkerson@incog.org
Nathan Foster Senior Planner, Subdivisions 918-579-9481 nfoster@incog.org
Jay Hoyt Planner, Zoning 918-579-9476 jhoyt@incog.org
Austin Chapman Planner/City Board of Adjustment Administrator 918-579-9471 achapman@incog.org
Robi Jones Community Planner (County & Regional) 918-579-9472 rjones@incog.org
Jed Porter Historic Preservation Planner 918-579-9448 jporter@incog.org
Felicity Good Assistant Planner 918-579-9456 fgood@incog.org
Kendal Davis Assistant Planner 918-579-9485 kdavis@incog.org
Jani Wertin Assistant Planner 918-579-9465 jwertin@incog.org
Janet Sparger Administrative Assistant/BOA Secretary 918-579-9417 jsparger@incog.org
Travis Hulse Principal Planner/Small Area Planning 918-579-9452 thulse@incog.org
John Tankard Senior Planner/Comprehensive Planning 918-579-9462 jtankard@incog.org
Paulina Baeza Senior Planner/Ptrategic Planning 918-579-9447 pbaeza@incog.org
Dennis Whitaker Planner 918-579-9457 dwhitaker@incog.org
JT Paganelli Planner 918-579-9455 jpaganelli@incog.org
Emily Scott Planner 918-579-9416 escott@incog.org
Amy Ulmer Planner 918-579-9437 aulmer@incog.org
Payton Wynes Urban Design Planner   pwynes@incog.org
Luisa Krug Destination Districs Manager 918-579-9454 lkrug@incog.org
Daniel Jeffries Senior Planner/Implementation and Tracking 918-579-9434 djeffries@incog.org
Jake Landry Assistant Planner 918-579-9450 jlandry@incog.org
Transportation Planning and Programs
Viplava Putta Director 918-579-9421 vputta@incog.org
Patricia Dinoa Senior Transportation Planner 918-579-9489 pdinoa@incog.org
Nimish Dharmadhikari Transportation Modeling Coordinator 918-579-9423 ndharmadhikari@incog.org
Chase Phillips Transportation Planner/Safety Coordinator 918-579-9419 cphillips@incog.org
Jane Ziegler Transportation Planner/
Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
918-579-9427 jziegler@incog.org
Charlotte Adcock Transportation Programs Planner 918-579-9479 cadcock@incog.org
Emily Vickers Transportation Planner 918-579-9458 evickers@incog.org
Kathleen Butler Administrative Assistant 918-579-9468 kbutler@incog.org
Toni Jarrett Administrative Assistant 918-579-9407 tjarrett@incog.org
Area Agency on Aging
Regan McManus Director 918-579-9475 rmcmanus@incog.org
Shell Johnson Planner 918-579-9473 sjohnson@incog.org
Suelen Asberry Grant Information & Assistance Specialist 918-579-9477 sgrant@incog.org
Casey Jones Outreach Specialist 918-894-3272 cjones@incog.org
Hali McMillen Outreach Specialist 918-986-4242 hmcmillen@incog.org
Lesley Smiley Long Term Care Ombudsman 918-359-1022 lsmiley@incog.org
Bill Waggoner Long Term Care Ombudsman 918-359-1021 bwaggoner@incog.org
Community and Economic Development
Barbara Albritton Co-Manager/Rural Development Coordinator 918-579-9420 balbritton@incog.org
Claudia Brierre Co-Manager/Principal Community
Development Planner
918-579-9431 cbrierre@incog.org
Brian Bigbie Economic Development Planner 918-579-9493 bbigbie@incog.org
Julie Miner Economic Development Planner 918-579-9441 jminer@incog.org
Steve Boettcher Senior Community Development Planner 918-579-9453 sboettcher@incog.org
Megan Douglas Community Development Planner 918-579-9483 mdouglas@incog.org
Environment and Energy Planning
Vernon Seaman Manager 918-579-9451 vseaman@incog.org
Nancy Graham Air Quality Program Manager 918-579-9418 ngraham@incog.org
Matthew Ryan Environmental Planner 918-579-9414 mryan@incog.org
Justin Dowd Engineer/Project Manager 918-579-9440 jdowd@incog.org
Adriane Jaynes Energy Programs Coordinator 918-579-9494 ajaynes@incog.org
Emily Smith Alternative Fuels Planner 918-579-9474 esmith@incog.org
Public Safety
Steve Pitts Rural Fire Defense Coordinator 918-579-9422 spitts@incog.org
Darryl Maggard Regional 9-1-1 Coordinator 918-579-9487 dmaggard@incog.org
Ann Domin Homeland Security Region 7
Advisory Council Facilitator
918-579-9480 adomin@incog.org
GIS Resources and Mapping Services
Barbara Gibson Manager 918-579-9428 bgibson@incog.org
Ty Simmons Principal GIS Analyst 918-579-9436 tsimmons@incog.org
Kevin Tartar Geodatabase Coordinator 918-579-9446 ktartar@incog.org
Andrew Sears Senior GIS Specialist 918-579-9464 asears@incog.org
Helen Agnew GIS Specialist 918-579-9461 hagnew@incog.org
Wendy Kramer GIS Specialist 918-579-9463 wkramer@incog.org
Kurt Bickle 9-1-1 GIS Specialist 918-579-9460 kbickle@incog.org
Finance and Administrative Services
Troy Wilborn Manager 918-579-9409 twilborn@incog.org
Vicki Miller Senior Financial Officer 918-579-9408 vmiller@incog.org
Kim Teis Senior Financial Officer 918-579-9410 kteis@incog.org
Jory Budd Financial Accountant 918-579-9482 jbudd@incog.org
Becky Agnew Receptionist 918-584-7526 bagnew@incog.org
Toni Jarrett Accounting Clerk 918-579-9407 tjarrett@incog.org