Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

2 West Second Street
Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74103







Rich Brierre Executive Director 918-584-7526 rbrierre@incog.org
Ann Domin Deputy Director 918-579-9480 adomin@incog.org
Brad Gemeinhart Communications Coordinator 918-579-9439 bgemeinhart@incog.org
LaDonna Brewer Executive Assistant 918-579-9426 lbrewer@incog.org
Tulsa Planning Office
Susan Miller Director 918-579-9470 smiller@incog.org
Daniel Jeffries Community Engagement Planner 918-579-9434 djeffries@incog.org
Kim Sawyer Administrative Assistant/TMAPC Secretary 918-579-9413 ksawyer@incog.org
Dwaye Wilkerson Principal Planner 918-579-9475 dwilkerson@incog.org
Nathan Foster Senior Planner, Subdivisions 918-579-9481 nfoster@incog.org
Jay Hoyt Planner, Zoning 918-579-9476 jhoyt@incog.org
Austin Chapman Planner/Boards of Adjustment Administrator 918-579-9471 achapman@incog.org
Jed Porter Historic Preservation Planner 918-579-9448 jporter@incog.org
Amy Ulmer Planner 918-579-9437 aulmer@incog.org
Felicity Good Assistant Planner 918-579-9456 fgood@incog.org
Kendal Davis Assistant Planner 918-579-9485 kdavis@incog.org
Jani Wertin Assistant Planner 918-579-9465 jwertin@incog.org
Emily Scott Assistant Planner 918-579-9416 escott@incog.org
Janet Sparger Recording Secretary, Board of Adjustment 918-579-9417 jsparger@incog.org
Travis Hulse Principal Planner/Small Area Planning 918-579-9452 thulse@incog.org
John Tankard Senior Planner/Comprehensive Plan 918-579-9462 jtankard@incog.org
Luisa Krug Senior Planner/Implementation and Tracking 918-579-9454 lkrug@incog.org
Paulina Baeza Senior Planner 918-579-9447 pbaeza@incog.org
Robi Jones Community Planner (County & Regional) 918-579-9472 rjones@incog.org
Dennis Whitaker Planner 918-579-9457 dwhitaker@incog.org
JT Paganelli Planner 918-579-9455 jpaganelli@incog.org
Ed Sharrer Manager, Destination Districts 918-579-9449 esharrer@incog.org
Transportation Planning and Programs
Viplava Putta Director 918-579-9421 vputta@incog.org
Patricia Dinoa Senior Transportation Planner 918-579-9489 pdinoa@incog.org
Nimish Dharmadhikari Transportation Modeling Coordinator 918-579-9423 ndharmadhikari@incog.org
Chase Phillips Transportation Planner/Safety Coordinator 918-579-9419 cphillips@incog.org
Jane Ziegler Transportation Planner/
Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
918-579-9427 jziegler@incog.org
Charlotte Adcock Transportation Programs Planner 918-579-9479 cadcock@incog.org
Emily Vickers Transportation Planner 918-579-9458 evickers@incog.org
Kathleen Butler Administrative Assistant 918-579-9468 kbutler@incog.org
Toni Jarrett Administrative Assistant 918-579-9407 tjarrett@incog.org
Area Agency on Aging
Regan McManus Director 918-579-9475 rmcmanus@incog.org
Shell Johnson Planner 918-579-9493 sjohnson@incog.org
Suelen Asberry Grant Information & Assistance Specialist 918-579-9477 sgrant@incog.org
Casey Jones Outreach Specialist 918-894-3272 cjones@incog.org
Hali McMillen Outreach Specialist 580-465-0774 hmcmillen@incog.org
Lesley Smiley Long Term Care Ombudsman 918-359-1022 lsmiley@incog.org
Bill Waggoner Long Term Care Ombudsman 918-359-1021 bwaggoner@incog.org
Community and Economic Development
Barbara Albritton Co-Manager/Rural Development Coordinator 918-579-9420 balbritton@incog.org
Claudia Brierre Co-Manager/Principal Community
Development Planner
918-579-9431 cbrierre@incog.org
Brian Bigbie Economic Development Planner 918-579-9493 bbigbie@incog.org
Julie Miner Economic Development Planner 918-579-9441 jminer@incog.org
Steve Boettcher Senior Community Development Planner 918-579-9453 sboettcher@incog.org
Megan Douglas Community Development Planner 918-579-9483 mdouglas@incog.org
Environment and Energy Planning
Vernon Seaman Manager 918-579-9451 vseaman@incog.org
Nancy Graham Air Quality Program Manager 918-579-9418 ngraham@incog.org
Matthew Ryan Environmental Planner 918-579-9414 mryan@incog.org
Justin Dowd Engineer/Project Manager 918-579-9440 jdowd@incog.org
Adriane Jaynes Energy Programs Coordinator 918-579-9494 ajaynes@incog.org
Emily Smith Alternative Fuels Planner 918-579-9474 esmith@incog.org
Public Safety
Steve Pitts Rural Fire Defense Coordinator 918-579-9422 spitts@incog.org
Darryl Maggard Regional 9-1-1 Coordinator 918-579-9487 dmaggard@incog.org
Ann Domin Homeland Security Region 7
Advisory Council Facilitator
918-579-9480 adomin@incog.org
GIS Resources and Mapping Services
Barbara Gibson Manager 918-579-9428 bgibson@incog.org
Ty Simmons Principal GIS Analyst 918-579-9436 tsimmons@incog.org
Kevin Tartar Geodatabase Coordinator 918-579-9446 ktartar@incog.org
Andrew Sears Senior GIS Specialist 918-579-9464 asears@incog.org
Helen Agnew GIS Specialist 918-579-9461 hagnew@incog.org
Wendy Kramer GIS Specialist 918-579-9463 wkramer@incog.org
Kurt Bickle 9-1-1 GIS Specialist 918-579-9460 kbickle@incog.org
Finance and Administrative Services
Troy Wilborn Manager 918-579-9409 twilborn@incog.org
Vicki Miller Senior Financial Officer 918-579-9408 vmiller@incog.org
Kim Teis Senior Financial Officer 918-579-9410 kteis@incog.org
Becky Agnew Receptionist 918-584-7526 bagnew@incog.org
Toni Jarrett Accounting Clerk 918-579-9407 tjarrett@incog.org