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4 Ways to Respond to the 2020 Census

INCOG is a key participant of the 2020 Census Planning Committee for our region. Along with leaders from the private sector, government, and non-profit arena, this committee is building a team to make sure that the entire region is counted as accurately as possible. This will ensure that our share of federal grants and funding flow to important economic development, transportation, and quality of life projects.

The U.S. Constitution requires a census count every ten years. The census covers the entire country and everyone living here. The census results are used to reapportion the U.S. House of Representatives, determining how many seats in Congress each state gets. State and local officials also use the results to redraw the boundaries of their congressional, state legislative, and local (city council and county commission) districts adapting to population shifts.

The census results are also used extensively as a basis for the distribution of a wide array of federal domestic grant programs in such areas as education, health care, transportation, and many others. The census is also a key data source used by business and industry including the real estate development community.

In 2020, there are four ways to be counted in the census. You can respond online through the secure internet site. It’s safe, secure and confidential and your information and privacy are protected. It’s a greener way to conduct the census, saving trees; it’s user-friendly, offering help screens and the ability to review your answers.

You can also respond by phone. The census numerators are ready to take your information question by question from the convenience of your phone at any location.

Another way to respond is by mail. Wait until you receive your paper form through the mail or dropped at your residence. It can be filled out at home and returned from your mailbox or post office.

The fourth way to respond is through an in-person interview. The census numerators will visit residences that choose not to self-respond.

For more information, contact Barbara Gibson, Manager of GIS Resources and Mapping Services at or 918-579-9428