Ozone Alert! Season Begins
INCOG is committed to staying in compliance with air quality standards through key programs such as the Ozone Alert! program. Now in its 32nd season, the Ozone Alert! program typically runs May through September. Our 3-year design value remains at .064 parts per million which is below the .070 ppm established by the Environmental Protection Agency. In 2021, there were three Ozone Alert! days issued and the region recorded four days that exceeded the EPA standard.

During the summer months, weather conditions can prompt ground-level ozone formation and other pollutants to clog the air. This makes for an unhealthy environment especially for those dealing with asthma and other breathing difficulties. Keeping the region’s air clean and in compliance with the national standard is also vital for economic development, and transportation affordability.

When an Ozone Alert! day is issued, everyone is urged to take voluntary action to reduce ozone-forming emissions. You can keep track of the area’s real-time ozone levels throughout the season on www.TulsaAirQuality.com. On the website, you can sign up to receive Ozone Alerts! by email. To receive a text message on your phone on Ozone Alert! days, simply text “ozone” to 81411.

For more information, contact Clinton Johnson, Manager of Regional Sustainability Programs at cjohnson@incog.org or 918-579-9468.


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